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Fedde Le Grand at Gatecrasher Birmingham

Posted by: Mark O'Donnell 26/01/2009 @ 17:56
Subject: Clubs

In a world where everyone seems to want to be a DJ, even celebs who can’t even mix their own drinks let alone two tunes together, there is an elite super-group of jocks who can name their price, tour the world and are very much living the dream. For the rest of you, I’m afraid, it’s highly unlikely. Don’t, whatever you do, give up the day job.

For DJ Fedde Le Grand, one humongously big hit record turned him from being known in more clued up circles to international DJ du jour, all in the space of an 8-bar loop. There’s a chance to see Fedde Le Grande at Gatecrasher Birmingham on Friday 31st January. This is the first pay day after Christmas and New Year, so I’m sure people will be ready for a blow out.

When I saw the flyer for Fedde Le Grande at Gatecrasher Birmingham, a couple of things came to mind: 1. Just how his Put Your Hands Up 4 Detroit record rocketed him into the big league. And 2. How much does he get paid for a set these days? I’d wager it’d be enough for a little deposit on a house. The moral of the story here: house music can pay for your house. That’s if you get to Fedde’s level, of course.

If you’ve more than a passing interest in big name dance DJs, you will know that Fedde Le Grande at Gatecrasher Birmingham is one of only two dates he’s doing in the UK. His other is at London’s latest stadium-size club matter. I’ve always thought that he should carry around remixes of his nagging, infectious electro house hit for each city he plays in. This would mean, wherever he is playing, he could drop the track with Birmingham, London, Tokyo, wherever, instead of Detroit. Sounds like a good idea, no? For those of you shouting NO at the top of your voices, you’re probably so sick of the tune that the thought of hearing it again is slightly less appealing than smashing your head against a rusty nail infested wall. Ouch.

The Fedde Le Grand at Gatecrasher Birmingham event is getting closer. Reports from the club suggest that he has taken a break from his work remixing Madonna, no less, to play this gig. He’s also remixed the likes of Will.I.am and Robbie Williams for a tidy sum, no doubt. I’d think that getting a break from remixing Robbie Williams is actually a blessing in disguise.

For your chance to see Fedde Le Grand at Gatecrasher Birmingham get down to the club on Friday 31st January. And if he plays Put Your Hands Up 4 Birmingham, you’ll know where he got the idea from!



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