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January Offers at Birmingham Restaurants

Posted by: Mark O'Donnell 12/01/2009 @ 15:32
Subject: Restaurants

It's not just the high street shops that have big sales after Christmas these days. Restaurants are getting in on the act, and the January offers at Birmingham restaurants should allow you to enjoy a nice meal during a month that's usually more associated with staying in and failed gym memberships.

If things are tight this January, I don’t mean tight as in the trousers round your waist after a festive season of excess, then January offers at Birmingham restaurants are the best way to still enjoy yourself without breaking the bank. Those of you who crave some healthy food, as well as a great meal deal, would be advised to think about a visit to Selfridges food hall to eat at Yo! Sushi. Here, you can take your pick of the healthy items that rotate round on the conveyor belt, not only that but they’re offering 40% off at the moment.

Not everyone loves sushi, though, so what else can you get for a bite to eat while still saving the pounds? Pizza Express is always a good bet (for saving money not tummy pounds). I had a feeling they’d do some sort of deal in January and, low and behold, they’ve surpassed themselves by offering a deal where you get the most expensive of two pizzas for free during a meal. They’ve also got some pretty enticing specials on their menu at the moment courtesy of guest chef Theo Randall. This is definitely one of the best January offers at Birmingham restaurants.

Those of you who work in the city-centre and are looking for a little treat at lunchtime, give Ha Ha Bar and Grill a go. Located at the Mailbox complex, Ha Ha are offering any sandwich or a wrap, plus chips for just £6. This might not seem like a mind-blowing offer, out of all the January offers at Birmingham restaurants, but it’s still saving you money, and all cocktails are £3 during January, so if you plan to have a drink as well you’re getting good value.

If you like supporting independents with your cash, that should be everyone in my books, then what about one of the restaurants we’ve been bigging up on the site of late, Buonissimo. You’ll have to live or travel to Harbourne, mind. Pay a visit at lunchtime for the best deal: £8.50 will bag you two courses. For food the standard that Buonissmo knocks out this is a genuine bargain and makes it one of the best January offers at Birmingham restaurants. Enjoy!




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