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Jun Tanaka Talks Taste Festivals, Live

Posted by: Michelle Court 09/06/2008 @ 15:12
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Hands up all of you who are gearing up for the Taste of London food festival this year – we said hands, not forks! You’re in luck because one of the chefs taking part in this year’s festival is online and ready to answer your questions about what goes on behind the scenes – and talk about food, too, of course.

Jun Tanaka will be taking part in a live web chat at 3.45pm on Tuesday 10th June, so get your questions ready.

Chef Jun Tanaka knows a thing or two about cooking, thanks to his fabulously successful Pearl restaurant and TV shows like Saturday Kitchen, Market Kitchen and Cooking It, in which he taught helpless, hopeless, can’t-boil-water cooks into perfectly capable chefs.

Click here to submit your question and watch as Jun proves that he’s a famous chef for a reason.

Whether you want his help with your cooking or his recommendations on where to eat out in London and beyond, Jun’s knowledge will no doubt help you on your path to become a more educated food-lover.


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