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New Years Eve At Birmingham Bars

Posted by: Mark O'Donnell 04/12/2008 @ 10:49
Subject: Pubs & Bars

While house parties have become an increasingly popular choice over the last few years, I think it’s always better to spend a bit of the evening at a venue and carry the party on back at home later on. There’s plenty of action this New Years Eve at Birmingham Bars, if you fancy doing exactly that. The only thing you need to figure out then is how you are going to actually get home when you can’t get a taxi for love nor money!

Staying local is one option this New Years Eve at Birmingham bars. If you live in any of the bustling neighbourhoods like Moseley, Erdington, Sutton Coldfield or Harbourne, you will have plenty of options on your doorstep. In Sutton, for example, The Station is always packed out with people at Christmas and New Years Eve. Tickets will set you back a few quid, and you’ll need to buy one if you’re thinking of going, but if you live local it will save you a small fortune. For those of you wanting to have a big night out, the bright lights of the city centre will be calling. If you’re planning a New Year’s Eve at Birmingham bars, one venue that might be a good choice, if you fancy dressing up and sipping excellent cocktails, is Bank. Last time I was in here, the standard of the cocktails was excellent, and Ainsley Hariott was drinking at the bar. Don’t let that put you off; it really is one of the best places in town for a well constructed cocktail, you can even have a bite to eat if you get peckish.

A couple of minutes’ walk onto the main Broad Street stretch, the atmosphere will be rocking this New Years Eve at Birmingham bars. Here you can take your pick from the likes of Living Room and Revolution. These are bars that have become big name brands, and for those looking for a reliable place for a party, this is a safe bet.  

If cocktails are your thing, but you want some live music and a little less formality, The Island Bar is a good choice down by Bristol Road. Joining forces with their sister venue, The Victoria, situated behind it on John Bright Street, Island will be playing rock, indie and some cheesier tunes while the Victoria DJs will be supplying funk and soul. At no more than £7 for a ticket, which will allow you entry to both venues, this represents some real value this New Years at Birmingham Bars.

Whether you stay local or go wild in town, enjoy yourself and all the best for 2009!


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