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New Years Eve At Birmingham Clubs

Posted by: Mark O'Donnell 03/12/2008 @ 17:38
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This New Years Eve at Birmingham clubs is likely to be one of the best for many years. Have no doubt about it, Birmingham is flexing its clubbing muscles and is ready to see in the New Year in explosive style.

The return of the legendary Que Club, as a clubbing venue, has given New Years Eve at Birmingham clubs a massive boost. Many of my best nights out have been at the Que. I still, to this day, think the main room is the most stunning space I’ve ever had the pleasure of partying in. This New Years Eve at Birmingham clubs oldskool rave promoters Fantazia are playing host. Billing it as 9 rooms and 3000 clubbers, tickets cost £35 plus booking fee. This night is definitely not going to be for the faint-hearted, only the hardcore need apply!

Across the tracks in grimy Digbeth, another favourite haunt of mine, The Custard Factory, are holding their annual blow out. After last years huge party that went down in the New Years Eve at Birmingham clubs history books, this time it's the turn of the crowd pleasing 2 Many DJs to thrown down bootleg beats and party-orientated electronic sounds. Joining them are Simian Mobile Disco, now I had the pleasure of knowing James Ford from SMD a number of years ago and a thoroughly nice guy he is. SMD have become massive names in the dance music biz and James, the talented producer de jour that he is, has gone onto produce for Artic Monkeys amongst others. You will know its him when you spot the big hair!  

Down the road, there’s yet another multi-arena bash this New Years Eve at Birmingham clubs. This one at The Rainbow has 7 arenas and various genres of music, although those into quality house music will be swayed by the sight of Adam Shelton and Tristan Da Cuna on the bill. This one is good value at £22 plus booking fee.

As to expected the city’s latest super club, Gatecrasher, is pulling out all the stops for its White Ice Ball. Expect more mainstream tunes than the clubs above, but no less of a party atmosphere. Standard tickets here are £35. The dress code is the demandingly entitled Beyond Glamorous. If you fancy this you’re most definitely advised to make an effort.

If the above has made you come out in a cold sweat at the thought of all that noise and all those mentalists in attendance, then fear not, there’s the Yardbird, in comparison it will be very civilized. There will be funk, soul, food and maybe even a spot of jazz. Nice.


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