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New Years Eve At Birmingham Restaurants

Posted by: Mark O'Donnell 04/12/2008 @ 11:34
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Tired of not being able to hear your mates on New Years Eve because of the thumping bump-tsch-bump-tsch music? Have you ever had to stop a conversation because the DJ clanged out a mix so badly it would have made traffic stop? Don’t worry you’re not alone, (and this isn’t a where-there’s-blame-there’s-a-claim advert, either), I too have been there and done that (just for the record, it wasn’t me clanging it out on the decks). If you’ve been clubbing for a certain amount of years and fancy a change, one of the best things to do is spend New Years Eve at Birmingham restaurants.

These days good food is one of the things I get great pleasure out of in life, and this is one of the reasons why spending New Years Eve at Birmingham restaurants is appealing. Italian, Indian, French, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Caribbean, Brazilian, Spanish, Irish (yes, I love my spuds), British, the lot, you name it, I love eating good food and I’m not alone. Despite all the doom and gloom about the you know what, people are still going out to spend New Years Eve at Birmingham restaurants.

Birmingham is famous for its curry and one of the most modern exponents of the curry restaurant experience, Shimla Pinks, have created a tasting menu that for £49.95 each will make sure that, if you're planning to spend New Years Eve at Birmingham restaurants, this is one place that means you won’t need to eat again until well into 2009. Add a glass of champers on arrival and live entertainment, and ou’ve got New Years Eve at Birmingham restaurants all wrapped up.      

If you want something a bit cheaper this New Years Eve at Birmingham restaurants head to the Balti Triangle where the food will be cheap, you’ll be able to bring your own booze (to at least some of the restaurants) and you can wake up the next day with a bank balance that’s not going to give you an extra headache. Who said New Years Eve had to expensive?


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