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Robotic Barman Descends on the UK!

Posted by: Kelly Hussey 01/07/2008 @ 17:09
Subject: Pubs & Bars

Now I don’t mean to scare you, but I think robots may be trying to take over the world – or the UK at least - I-Robot style. Yes, it’s true. First it was the turn of the ICA in London to introduce robotic punk clubbers (see Neurotic Robots Love to Party), and now the world’s first robotic barman (I swear, it’s true) is making its shiny and new debut at one of my favourite places to spend money – Selfridges Oxford Street - tomorrow.

The robot, lovingly named Mr Asahi (as in the beer) is able to serve beer as a draught pint, half and even remove the caps from bottles – now that’s better than the barman at my local (sorry Rob, I do of course jest, ahem). Best of all, he’s super-efficient – as any good robot should be! Rather than taking the national average of 15 minutes to serve each thirsty punter, he slashes that time down to just 2 minutes. Now that’s reason enough to go to him! He even manages what many barmen fail to – a sweet little smile (now if he can learn to say please and thank you, he’ll have it in the bag). He’ll then be heading off on a national tour, bringing beer to the whole of the UK – he’s like my dream superhero!

Now for the science part…
Our favourite bar-robot has been made using the most cutting edge technology in robotics and animatronics and is fully life size, standing behind a specially made bar. It took a team of engineers 200 hours to put him together and uses robotic arms produced in Japan (just don’t ask him for an arm wrestle!).
His hands were produced in Aylesbury and allow him to hold many different shaped glasses and bottles delicately but firmly whilst checking out the action with a head from Leicester. In all, he’s a bit of a bloater, weighing a whopping ton – although, to be fair, I’ve seen landlords who must be nearing that.
And yes, he does talk – just don’t expect too much banter – politely replying to queries with an integrated speaker system.

Mr Asahi’s Tour
Interested? Then meet Mr Asahi for yourself at the following locations across the UK…

Selfridges Oxford Street (2nd-5th July)
Selfridges Manchester (Exchange Stores 10th-11th July; Trafford Centre 12th-13th July)
Nottingham (18th–19th July)
Edinburgh (24th and 26th July)
Glasgow (25th July)
Newcastle (1st-3rd August)
Selfridges Birmingham (6th-7th September)
Leeds (10th-13th September)
Birmingham (18th–20th September)

At least you won’t have to tip him 12.5%!


by  jludlam  02/07/2008 @ 13:28
What about Cynthia at Cynthias' Robot Bar under London Bridge. Probably shut now but was alive and kicking 5 years ago. She was designed by local students and was a permanent feature. She rocked
by  libi  22/08/2008 @ 14:18
that would havfebeen something to see.. bet he did great..
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