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Valentines Day at Birmingham Clubs

Posted by: Mark O'Donnell 21/01/2009 @ 11:27
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Dedicated clubbers in Birmingham don’t need an excuse like a big date in the cupid calendar to go out and spend Valentines Day at Birmingham clubs. It’s a Saturday night this year, people will be out having it regardless of the fact that it falls on February 14th.

Now, I’m not a big fan of the whole Valentines schmaltzy events. You know the ones: Valentines Bashment, Valentines Ball, that kind of thing. Nope, not for me, sorry. I’d rather schmooze my missus over a meal at a nice restaurant. If I’m going clubbing, I won’t be able to whisper sweet nothings anyway, I shouldn't be able to hear! So, for my money, I’d rather a good old fashioned night out clubbing, with decent music and a nice, friendly atmosphere. But, as the saying goes, one man’s gold is another man’s turd, so I’m going to have little look at a few of the options in town, that way there should at least be something for most people this Valentines Day at Birmingham clubs.

After all that big talk about not buying into the whole Valentines events, there is actually an event at the Q Club that has a huge line-up and has all the hallmarks of a Valentines Day at Birmingham clubs event. The Masters of The Past event is a homage to the last twenty years of rave, jungle and drum and bass. Spread over several arenas in the mind-bogglingly big Q Club complex, this is the sort of event that will either be right down your street or one to miss. It kind of depends whether you can tolerate the following: sweaty ravers, banging tunes, big queues (well it is called the Q Club! Sorry, I’ll get my coat) and a high percentage of gurners. Acts on the night will include: UK Apachi, Ratpack, Kenny Ken and Hazard. Those of you that think you can handle it can even buy tickets in advance here.

If that all sounds to hardcore for you, bless, and you’re looking for something cheap and cheerful this Valentines Day at Birmingham clubs, how about the long-standing Snobs? Snobs has been around since the beginning of time, at least it feels that way! The prices have stayed the same for about the last ten years as well. You can get in for just £2 with a flyer before 1130pm. Afterwards, it’s only £5. Music-wise it’s indie, funk, party tunes, that kind of thing. Nothing too experimental going on here. If it ain’t broke, why fix it?

Still not convinced? Well there’s all manner of things going down at the Custard Factory complex. Eclectricty bring Erol (Alkan), Annie (Mac) and Felix (Da Housecat) together. This is one event that, regardless of whether you are single or with someone, will be rocking this Valentines Day at Birmingham clubs.


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