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Valentines Day at Birmingham Restaurants

Posted by: Mark O'Donnell 13/01/2009 @ 12:30
Subject: Restaurants

The good news, for those of you who have a partner obsessed with the footie, is that Villa don’t have a game on Saturday 14th February. That means you won’t have to spend Valentines Day at Birmingham restaurants with a fidgety boyfriend or girlfriend who can’t stop looking up the scores on his mobile phone. The bad news for long suffering Blues fans is that they do have a game on the big day, but if you’re a Blues fan you should be well used to a life full of disappointment anyway.

The good news for those of you sick to death of having to order off a miniscule set menu on big dates in the calendar is that some of Brum’s top eateries are sticking to their a la carte menus. Opus, for example, has a full a la carte menu on offer, making them a decent proposition this Valentines Day at Birmingham restaurants. There menu is packed full of market specials, fresh-from-the-ocean seafood, and locally sourced meat and veg. All in all, a meal here will certainly impress your loved one.

Down at Brindley Place, the long established Bank has a lot to offer this Valentines Day at Birmingham restaurants. Again, you can order off the normal menu. The added bonus here is that you can sip cocktails in the bar, before or after your meal, so you don’t really have to waddle very far after your meal if you don’t want to. Fancy a good steak on the big day? Bank do some excellent ones that are aged for a minimum of 21 days. Starting at £17.80, it might be at the higher end of your budget, but if you’re looking to make it a memorable one, Bank’s a good bet.

Fans of Italian food, should be aware that San Carlo serves up some of the best around. This Valentines Day at Birmingham restaurants, San Carlo are offering four courses for £45 per person. There will be Champagne or cocktails served in between courses and the atmosphere will be lively. Make sure you book in advance.

You can’t help but notice all the talk about credit crunch – I’m still waiting for Kellogg’s to bring out a cereal with this name. It’s bloody everywhere you go. It might even mean that you’re looking for cheaper options this Valentines Day at Birmingham restaurants. And, I think your other half would have to pretty harsh if they gave you stick for taking them for a cheaper place to eat – as long as it’s not a shithole. So, where would I suggest? Well I find you can’t really go wrong with the following: wagamama, Pizza Express and Gourmet Burger Kitchen. They might not be a swanky, upmarket experience, but you will get value for money.


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