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Wine, Demystified

Posted by: Michelle Court 11/09/2008 @ 15:48
Subject: Pubs & Bars

Confused by wine? There are quite a few of us who can’t tell their Chablis from their Chardonnays (no need to be ashamed!) and find ourselves stuttering when we’re amidst wine connoisseurs. Who knew just a little bottle of fermented grapes would be so tricky?

Now you have the chance to get all that knowledge sorted. Guy Henri Azam, head winemaker at Baron Philippe de Rothschild winery, and fellow wine expert Philip Goodband are hosting a webchat to demystify the concept. From good buys to ones best avoided, and how to recognise which wines are best whilst wandering the aisles of your local off licence.

Want to get your wine questions answered? Click here and see if they can help.

You can check out the webchat live here on Tuesday 16th September at 1.00pm.

You’ll be an oenophile in no time.


by  PublicanSam  13/09/2011 @ 12:26
great little video - most informative - i've put a small piece on wine in pubs on my website - if anyone wants some written notes
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