Catherine Deneuve

Umbrellas Of Cherbourg, The
Les Demoiselles De Rochefort (The Young Girls Of Rochefort)
Un Flic (Dirty Money)
A Strange Place To Meet
Ma Saison Preferee (My Favourite Season)
Les Voleurs (Thieves)
Geneologies Of A Crime (Genealogies d'un Crime)
Time Regained (Le Temps Retrouve)
Kings And Queen (Rois Et Reine)
A Christmas Tale (Un Conte De Noel) (15)

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The Conjuring (15)

Hugely enjoyable, genuinely scary horror flick that provides a welcome throwback to classic 1970s chillers, thanks to impeccable production design, a superb script, powerfully atmospheric direction, intense set-pieces and terrific performances.

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Noah Baumbach Interview

The Frances Ha director discusses co-writing the script with Greta Gerwig, shooting against the backdrop of New York and the real lives of the city’s people, Greta Gerwig’s performance, the music in the film and the picture's visual style.