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Yet another scary journey into the dark side of the collective American psyche - all warped paranoia and gung-ho militarism...

Full marks for visual effects, but I found much of the storyline and dialogue absurdly clunky. As for credible characters: even allowing for the infantilising effect a boss like Vickers would have on them, would all the (presumably highly-trained) crew be quite so puerile and reckless, and completely insensitive to the wonder of a new world?

One nice touch, though, was naming the Bowiesque android David!
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Reviewer Melmoth
I would probably give this film 3½ stars but they don't do half stars so I will round it up to 4. Very enjoyable and stylish cinemtatic fare - it is directed by Ridley Scott after all - but it is very far from being a classic. It is verging on pedestrian by his previous standards. Michael Fassbinder steals the show as the android with rather sinister intentions. Other characters are wasted, escpecially the wonderful Rafe Spall and Sean Harris who play a couple of expendables - what a waste of 2 great actors. Other casting is rather poor - I thought Noomi Rapace was dull as dishwater in what was meant to be a lead role. Charlize Theron does well as the icy captain of the ship but her character is wasted and seems superfluous. The plot is as totally confused as you will feel at the end of the movie, but there are some great thrills along the way - the scene where Rapace performs a surgical operation on herself at speed will have any audience wincing. Definitely worth seeing on a big screen for some of the special effects alone.
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