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Reviewer cyber
The Dark Knight is a masterpiece. Christopher Nolan pulls of the darkest most unmissable Batman film in the franchise. It's a magnificent thriller and the Batman movie we've been waiting for after the disappointment of Batman Begins. The late Heath Ledger makes the greatest villain in cinema history. The Joker's slimy pure evilness makes perfect. A classic in it's own right, The Dark Knight is certain to be remembered as one of the greatest films of all time. Certainly the second best film I have ever watched, excluding Nolan's even more of a masterpiece follow-up Inception. Not to be missed at any cost.
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Reviewer bookworm
i don't understand what there wasn't there to like. and i'm shocked to see i'm the only one who thinks maggie gyllenhaal is an absolute babe. have you people not seen secretary?
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Reviewer Robo-john
seems to me some people want to find fault in any film that has been hyped about. well i'm not going to rebel just because i want to prove a point. the dark knight had every thing a good film should have; thrilling suspense with an original story and a great caste. the plot was well thought out, and there was no telling how it would end. it was a real treat watching a big budget film that did not have a hollywood action formula. the caste was amazing and i was really impressed by the actor who played harvey dent, but heath ledger's joker really stole the show, being one of the most comical and chilling villains i have ever seen on screen.
there were some small problems, such as christian bale's gravel voice and gyllenhaal being termed beautiful again and again. don't get me wrong she's a better actress than katie holmes could ever hope to be, and she's attractive, but not exactly a glamourous show stopper.
but all this can be forgiven, as nolan's portray of batman is a credit to the comics.
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Reviewer jonnyboy123
The Dark Knight failed to live up to my high expectations. True, Heath Ledger's Joker is manic, sadastic and devilishly rotten, and true, Aaron Eckhaart and Michael Caine command their screen time (and fees), but you simply do not 'buy' Bale's Caped Crusader, nor root for him.

Those fans still nostalgic over Tim Burton's 1989 feast of darkness, humour, fantastic one liners, and kicking Prince soundtrack, will feel somewhat cheated by this over modernized, haphazardly scripted, and flat, endurance test of a film. And the tumbler Batmobile is quite forgettable, with the tunnel chase failing to float my boat the same way as Keaton burning tracks through the Axis Chemical Factory.

The drama is well constructed, criminality pitched menacingly and unpredictably, and your morals suitably challenged, but the film lacks enough injections of pace, music, colour and humour. Ledger stands out as the only contributor to really excel themselves, and Bale's grizzly bear voiced hero is an outdone, and ultimately out performed shadow.

Believeable, but laboured and hard to watch and follow, and for this you will feel cheated. You'll see it anyway to join the debate, but know it was not worth the wait!
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Reviewer skaffman
Looks like I'm doomed (and not for the first time) to be the sole voice of contradiction.

I thought this film was a mess. The script is, at best, workaday, and at times it clunks badly. Bale has pretty much no time as Wayne, and as Batman, all he has a chance to do is use that silly rasping voice and punch people. The script attempts to inject some of Batman's wise-cracks, but those that you can actually hear (cf silly rasping voice) aren't particularly wise or cracking.

Oldman is oddly flat, he's just used as a vehicle for delivering the plot. Wasted. Heath Ledger is easily the best thing about this film, he keeps you guessing as to what his motives are, but it's not enough to carry the film.

The action set pieces are a bit dull and predictable. The plot wanders along without much of an idea where it's going - there are at least 2 false endings, which is a sign to me that some script writer is just trying to cram in as many ideas as he can. Perhaps fans of the comic would enjoy it more, I got the distinct impression that the writers had a checklist of mythos, and they went methodically through the list.

But despite that, the film feels empty, as though it's doing all the shouty stuff, but falling short on the substance, and for this sort of film, the only substance you need is stunts, wise-cracks, and nods to the fans. It doesn't have enough of this.

And, almost inevitably, it's too long by far. It doesn't have enough coherent material to fit its two and a half hours. In the theatre I was in, the natives were most certainly getting restless, and I can't blame them.

Everyone's going to see this film, and I think most will love it. That's the joy of opinion. But if you want to see how a hero movie should be made, see Iron Man. That had style, plot, script and acting in spades. Dark Knight just doesn't.
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Reviewer Anonymous
WOW is all I can say about this film. There was a lot of hype but it is definitely worth it, especially for Heath Ledger's performance. I loved that it was much more complicated than a traditional blockbuster superhero movie. Only bad thing was some of the scenes made me dizzy!
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