Various (Dir)

Animation Programme 1
Future Shorts
Malayalam Film
Resfest: Cinema Electronica
Screen Gems Shorts
British Documentary Movement And Free History: Shorts
Le Fresnoy Short Films
Moccasin Flats & Lighting The 7th Fire
Netsilik Film Series, The
Classic Cartoons
Best Of The Fest
Hair Riots! Rock And Roll Cinema: Future Shorts
Mini-Input: Special Event
Wavelength 04
Classic Cartoon Selection
Dance, Camera, Action! - Programme 1
Tonight We Are Golden: Shorts
Shorts Animation
Extended Play 05
J-Star 05 (Japanese Shorts)
Wavelength 05
Wow + Flutter 05 (Shorts)
Rock 'N' Roll Cinema: Shorts
Short Film Week: Angers: Film School Programme 1
Short Film Week: Angers: Film School Programme 2
Short Film Week: Clermont-Ferrand French Programme
Short Film Week: Clermont-Ferrand International Programme
Short Film Week: Clermont-Ferrand Kid's Programme
Short Film Week: Clermont-Ferrand Lab Programme
Future Shorts
Calypso And Ska
Rushes Soho Shorts Festival: Animation
Rushes Soho Shorts Festival: Best Of Shorts International
Rushes Soho Shorts Festival: Future Shorts
Rushes Soho Shorts Festival: London Film School Graduate Showcase
Rushes Soho Shorts Festival: Music Video
Rushes Soho Shorts Festival: Newcomer
Rushes Soho Shorts Festival: Quick Flick World
Rushes Soho Shorts Festival: Shorts
Rushes Soho Shorts Festival: The APA Young Director Award
Rushes Soho Shorts Festival: Titles
Rushes Soho Shorts Festival: Winners
Short Films: Best OF Buffalo '05 Black & Asian Film Festival
Independents Extravaganza
London Independent Filmmakers Special
Spanish Film Night
Straight 8 - 8mm Showcase
Dancing Bournonville
Best Of British Animation Awards
Student Shorts
Italian Short Films
Short Seasons - Autumn 05
London Nobody Knows, The + The World Of Gilbert And George
EmergeAndSee Student Shorts
Shorts: Animated Display
Shorts: Big Issue Shortlist 2
Shorts: Flaming Creatures
Shorts: HD Fest
Shorts: Lost Sensations
Shorts: No Way Out
Shorts: Paradise Lounge
Shorts: Raindance Kids
Shorts: Raindance Symphony Orchestra
Shorts: Suburban Tales
Shorts: Comedy Screen
Shorts: Full Tilt Satori
Mama Africa Shorts
Pass The Post: Shorts
Goldsmiths College International Student Film Night
Student Film Festival: Programme 2: Shorts
Student Film Festival: Programme 3: Shorts
Student Film Festival: Programme 4: Shorts
Student Film Festival: Programme 5: Shorts
Student Film Festival: Programme 6: Shorts
Best In UK Shorts
Next Generation Shorts
Student Film Festival: Programme 7: Shorts
Playing In The Light: Shorts
Playing In The Light: Playing A Part: Shorts
Playing In The Light: Ways Of Seeing: Shorts
British Animation Awards Programme One
New Romanian Short Films
British Animation Awards Programme 2
British Animation Awards Programme 3
Future Shorts - February Programme
British Animation Awards Programme 1
Bird's Eye View: Shorts
Future Shorts - March Programme
Dance, Camera, Action! - Programme 2
Best Of International Shorts
Dance, Camera, Action! - Programme 3
Dance, Camera, Action! - Programme 4
Digital Shorts
Local Filmmakers Showcases Their Short Films
London Nobody Knows, The + Finisterre
Incredibles, The: Shorts
Film Nights: In-(site)sight/Montevideoaki/Amelia
Film Nights: APAAI/Trois Temps/Blush
Tears Before Bedtime All Nighter
Future Shorts - May Programme
London Film School Archive Night
A Brief History Of The Camera No 1: NFTVA
Rockumentary Britannia 2
Emergeandsee 06 International Short Films Programme
Nokia Shorts Retrospective
Phoenix Independent Short Film Festival
BFF Fun Bike Shorts
Documentary Shorts
Greetings From Death Valley & Robert, Mary & Katrina: Shorts
Battle Zones: Shorts
Canadian Bacon: Shorts
HDFest: Shorts
Mystery Tales: Shorts
Pulp Fictions: Shorts
Shorts: Documentary
Shorts: Intimate Fiction
Surreal Encounters: Shorts
600 Second Short Film Project, The
CO1 60: Warning This Film Might Be Dangerous
Protecting The Archive: A Matter Of Public Record
Swinging London Fashion
Lunchtime Special: Shorts
Twilight Special: Shorts
Hallowe'en All-Nighter
Student Documentaries
Baghdad Days: Shorts
Resfest: Decade Of Resfest: Shorts
Magnificent Seven, The: Shorts
Revelando Os Brasis: Six Shorts
Documentary Programe 2
Documentary Programme 3
Documentary Programme 4
Documentary Programme 6
Shorts Programme 2
Laurel And Hardy Classics
Extended Play
Shanghai Animation: Shorts Programme Two
Shanghai Animation: Shorts Programme Three
From The Heart: Marjut Rimminen
Westminster Arts Shorts
Crime Seances And Crime Scences
Movie Night + Ageless Sex + Reckless Romeo + Sword Points: Shorts
'More Sounds Of The Twenties'
Change Of Air (Shorts)
Norman McLaren: Surrealism
Textures Of Reality: Shorts
Two-Tone Community, The
Taking Destiny Into Her Own Hands + Shorts
Tales From Moomin Valley
Curtis Mayfield And Stevie Wonder
Bicycle Film Festival Program 1: Shorts
That's Life (Cosi E La Vita)
Pure Product: Programme 2 - Karaoke Kulture
Pure Product: Programme 1 - No Place Like Home
Retrospective Of Short Films
Kushtepe Blues + Lagalo + Kosovo Through The Eyes Of Local (Rom) Musicians
CyberWorld 3D
Apocalypse Poof!: Shorts
Catastrophe/Rough For Theatre II/Breath
Ohio Impromptu/Rough For Theatre I/Not I
Rockaby/Act Without Words I/That Time
Korean Short Film Programme
11'09"01 - September 11
A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose (And A Thorn): Shorts
F**k Gender: Shorts
Family Affairs: Shorts
Fresh Fruit: Shorts
George And Mildred: Shorts
Summer Shorts For Boys
Birds Eye View Film Festival: Shorts Programme 2
Birds Eye View Film Festival: Shorts Programme 3
Visions Of Europe
Mirrorball/ Performance
Birds Eye View Film Festival: Shorts Programme 1
Across The Border
100% Mexican: Shorts
ITAU Cultural Programme: Short Films
Summer Shorts For Girls
Radio Nights
C Of The Willing, The
Wining Film From Schools Film Festival 2005 Plus Dance Shorts
Mirrorball Down Under: Shorts
Songs Of Nick Drake, The
Journey Times: Special Event
Paris Je Taime
Paper Willl Be Blue, The
TCM Classic Shorts
Shorts: Various
London Calling
Bicycle Film Festival Program 2: Shorts
Colour After Klein: Experiments In Colour: Shorts
Short Film Night: Vertical And Horizontal
Black History Month: Shorts
Georgian Film Festival Documentaries
Leapfrog Shortseasons
Short Ends Film Festival - In Another Way
Short Ends Film Festival - Opening
Short Ends Film Festival - Panorama
Short Ends Film Festival - Purely Cinematic
What A Difference A Year Makes: Shorts
21st Century Documentary: Shorts
Bird's Eye View Summer Tour: Shorts
Documentary Day
Drama & Documentaries: Shorts
Filmmakers Against War: Shorts
Ideas In Motion Ecology Festival Continues
Portobello Irish Film Festival
This Is London: Shorts
Mind Games - The Art Of Videogames
Many Face Of Josephine, The
Hip Hop On Screen
Free Cinema Movement
Shorts From Latin America
Shorts From Mexico

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Noah Baumbach Interview

The Frances Ha director discusses co-writing the script with Greta Gerwig, shooting against the backdrop of New York and the real lives of the city’s people, Greta Gerwig’s performance, the music in the film and the picture's visual style.